Humans are capable of magic

Yo I don’t know why this is now really hitting me, but,

blogging is our generation’s way to preserve our legacy.

Conventional blogging, like this… (Essay and story writing, for our great grand parents)

Micro blogging, like with Twitter… (Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations 😄)

Photo blogging [phlogging? ðŸĪŠ], like with Instagram…

Also vlogging! like on YouTube.

But I believe conventional and micro blogging (i.e. our words) give a better sense of who we really are, than photo and video web logging (our “image,” which is more carefully curated).

Blogging is basically us writing down our thoughts.

Many philosophers agree with Carl Sagan (I feel like I need to add something like Honorable, or “His Wisdom” because he was one of the world’s most beautiful minds) that writing may be the world’s most significant profession. Actually, in his exact words:

Sagan writing greatest invention
Writing is perhaps the greatest…

When we write (not ghost write or write copy), especially now with digital technology, we leave pieces of ourselves for generations to come. In the past, you had to be Shakespeare to get published, for great grand generations like us to know about you. Today, you only need the Internet.

When we write, we create something from nothing. Whether we write an alphabet, a word or a sonnet, writing (and drawing) is the first step in visualising or actualizing and preserving our thoughts.

When we write, we transcend our space and our time.

We are capable of magic.


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