How does anybody do it these days?

Hello, Friend.

There is one question on my mind this cloudy Monday morning. One baobab question with many branches…

Tell me, how do you get out of bed every morning, give your soul some chicken soup, and head out into the unknown? How do you step out the door every time, knowing even without reading the news, of yet another act of violence some kilometres away? And if it’s 10,000 kilometres away, knowing your Auntie May, or Cousin Edem, or Daddy dearest is “up” there, striving to send “down” some of the famed milk and honey? And if you’ve got all those you love safe and sound just a drive away from you, knowing Abu and Issah – only a couple of the loan sharks you owe – will be visiting your workplace today? And if you are free from all debt, all student loans, all utility bills, all social security taxes, knowing you can count your bank balance on the fingers of your 2 hands? And if it’s more than your 2 hands, knowing you have to go and face that horrible boss who makes you want to pull a Motherfuckah Jones? And if the boss is rather as benign as The Office’ Michael Scott, knowing you have to sit for 8 hours listening to airhead Ani endlessly talk about who is going to fund her next weave? And if all of work is sugar n spice n everything nice, knowing you have to go back home to face four walls and talk about your day to fluffy four-legged Koko, because you’re either alone, or there’s nobody who’ll understand? And if there’s actually someone who’ll understand, you can’t begin to express all the feelings, can’t unload all the weight, because you fought bitterly with her this morning over the lumpy porridge she made for you?
I’m genuinely curious. Take a minute to let me know.


P.S. I hate to sound cheesy, but first, just breathe. And realize – If You’re Reading this, You’re Alive, And It’s Not Too Late.




  1. Even those of us who work from home and enjoy the luxury of working in our pajamas palm soup stained t shirts find it difficult to get out of bed to face the monitor.

  2. I guess it’s the hope of knowing that there will be better days ahead, and that all your hard work will pay off eventually!

  3. I read this post somewhere around July and never really got to leave a comment cos I prolly had nothing to say. 4 months after I’m back here really wondering how people really get by with all the things going on in their lives.

    I don’t know how I’m gonna hit my target of ghs300,000.00 this month. I trusted somebody with a client’s cheque of ghs19,800.00 and that fool went ahead and altered the cheque. Now my credibility and job is at stake. Police keep wasting time with their unstructured processes, making me spend money I don’t have just to get to the bottom of it. Same time my kid brother in school calls to complain of heart burns. Doctors won’t attend to him because they think it’s not an emergency and the OPD is closed. Family calling for money. Paps in yanky sends me a pic and it looks like his illness has gotten the better part of him. Wahala just hitting me from all angles and these are just the immediate things I plan to worry about.

    I sit in the trotro back home looking at everyone and all I could think off was to get home and buy myself a chilled bottle of Smirnoff ice after all what no come before

    At the end of the day we will come to work tomorrow not solved half of the previous days problems with new ones compounding and we still have to smile and deliver.

    Chale me I’ve planned not to worry too much these days most especially when I have no control over, do my best with the ones that I can take care off. ✌️️

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